DMR – Digital Mode Radio

DMR adds several new terms including Internet Links, Color Codes, Time Slots, Zones, Talk Groups, Code Plugs and Hot Spots. There is a bit of a learning curve mastering DMR but it opens an exciting new mode to your portable, mobile and base station communications.

Here are some resources that will help you get a better grasp on DMR Technology:

CHRHC DMR Repeater

LocationFrequencyOffsetModeColor Code
Jackson County444.050 Mhz+5 MhzDMRCC7
TimeslotTalk Group NameDMR ServerTalk Group IDNotes
TS 1Lone Star TexasC-bridge3148Connected full time
TS 1Texas ChatBrandmeister31480Connected full time
TS 1North TexasBrandmeister31481PTT – 15 minutes on
TS 1South TexasBrandmeister31482Connected full time
TS 1West TexasBrandmeister31483PTT – 15 minutes on
TS 1S. East TexasBrandmeister31484PTT – 15 minutes on
TS 1Texas State WideBrandmeister9000PTT – 15 minutes on
TS 2Local Repeater Chat2Full time
TS 2CRHRC VHF Analog Link
Allstar Hub11Full time
(turns off TG 33 for 10 min)
TS 2CRHRC UHF Analog LinkAllstar Hub33Full time
(turns off TG 11 for 10 min)
TS 2Extended Area Chat50Full time
  • Local Repeater Chat (TG 2) allows you to communicate with other users who are within range of the CRHRC DMR Repeater.
  • CRHRC VHF Analog Link (TG 11) connects you to all systems currently linked to the CRHRC VHF Repeater.
  • CRHRC UHF Analog Link (TG 33) connects you to all systems currently linked to the CRHRC UHF Repeater.

<Cool Tech Stuff> Click on the DMR Cbridge Netwatch to monitor the DMR traffic on the W5LCR DMR Repeater. You do not need a password. Simply click on the “Minimal NetWatch” option.

Other Area DMR Repeaters

LocationFrequencyOffsetModeColorTime SlotTalk Group NameTalk Group ID
Port Lavaca442.675+ 5 MhzDMRCC1TS1
Victoria443.750+ 5 MhzDMRCC9TS1South Texas (BM)131482
Houston &
TS2Texas Statewide3148
TS2North America3
TS2TAC 310310
Wharton441.750+ 5 MhzDMRCC12TS1Texas Statewide3148
TS1TX Statewide9008
TS1Southeast Texas31484
1 – (BM) indicates the talk group is part of the Brandmeister DMR network