Cross Roads Ham Radio Club (CRHRC) began in 2020 in Jackson County, Texas has been created exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our primary purpose is to promote interest and education in Amateur Radio and to encourage proper operation in accordance with the regulations of the Federal Communications Commission

CRHRC members participating in 2022 Summer Field Day

CRHRC and its members shall voluntarily furnish, when possible, skills and equipment to enable its networks to be ready and available to provide emergency and disaster communications as a public service benefiting the public welfare of our communities.

CRHRC will support and cooperate with local and county Emergency Management Departments, and other welfare or charitable organizations recognized and approved by the Board of Directors.

We have a VE (Volunteer Examiner) Team that can administer licensing and upgrade testing locally. Visit our Testing and Licensing page or contact us to see how to get started with amateur radio.

A complete history of CRHRC is available on our About Us page.

CRHRC Quick Info

Wharton, TX
145.430 (-) 127.3 Tone

CRHRC Fundraiser Raffle

  • Edna VHF Repeater (CRHRC Link)
    145.330 MHz (-) 103.5 PL
    AllStar Node: 28528
    EchoLink: W5LCR-L
  • Edna UHF Repeater
    444.500 MHz (+) 103.5 PL
  • Edna DMR Repeater
    444.050 MHz (+) Color Code 7
  • Louise VHF Repeater (CRHRC Link)
    147.290 MHz (+) 127.3 PL
  • Louise UHF Repeater (N5OAK Link)
    444.925 MHz (+) 127.3 PL
  • Wharton VHF Repeater (CRHRC Link)
    145.340 (-) 127.3 PL

CRHRC Area Repeater Database

2022 Summer Field Day

Check out the pictures from our Field Day.

Thursday Night Net

Join us at 8 pm every Thursday night for the latest in local events, ham radio news and an occasional opportunity to buy, sell or swap gear. All licensed operators are welcome and encouraged to check in.

Monthly Face to Face Gathering

Join us at 8 am on the 3rd Saturday of each month for our Face to Face Gathering at Estella’s Mexican Food Restaurant located at 109 S. Third St. in Ganado, TX. Breakfast food and drinks are available for purchase.

Joining and Support CRHRC

Become a member of CRHRC

CRHRC does not require dues to become a member. Instead, we operate entirely from the generosity of those who support Amateur Radio. You can support CRHRC with PayPal donations using the button below and by selecting CRHRC as your Amazon Smile charity.