Repeaters Database

Cross Roads Ham Radio Club Repeater Database

CRHRC has created a new way of sharing information about Club, Area, Linked and Digital Repeaters. This new presentation gives you control over the information you view using the following tools:

Clicking any blue heading will sort the listing using that column.
The export tool allows you to download the repeater information in a variety of file formats.
The search tool with a clear lens provides a simple search of the entire repeater database.
The search tool with an “A” on the lens allows for advanced searches. For example, you can search for “AREA” repeaters in “Victoria” county.
The filter tool allows you to save or clear your filters.

Click here to display the CRHRC Area Repeater Database.

Use your browser’s “Back” button to close the database and return to this page.

We have categorized all repeaters in one of the following categories:

  • CRHRC – these are the repeaters that are operated and under the control of CRHRC.
  • Area – These are the repeaters we consider to be “local” within the CRHRC coverage area. Some of the area repeaters are owned by clubs and some are owned by individuals. Depending on your location, you may not have coverage from all listed repeaters.
  • Linked – CRHRC Utilizes the AllStar Network to “Link” or “Connect” our repeaters with others to create a very large coverage network of amateur radio repeaters systems. You may use the linked repeaters as you travel to communicate back CRHRC local repeaters!

    The links below will show the current repeaters that are “linked” together and which repeaters are currently active with traffic. Clicking these links will open a new browser window or tab. Simply close that window to return here.

  • DMR – Digital Mode Radio.

    DMR adds several new terms including Internet Links, Color Codes, Time Slots, Zones, Talk Groups, Code Plugs and Hot Spots. There is a bit of a learning curve mastering DMR but it opens an exciting new mode to your portable, mobile and base station communications. Visit our DMR page for additional information on DMR Technology.

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