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Repeater Database

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Click the map on the right for a reference to the linked repeater system coverage along the central and upper Texas Gulf Coast.

Repeater Technologies and Features

  • AllStar – AllStarLink is a network of Amateur Radio repeaters, remote base stations and hot spots accessible to each other via Voice over Internet Protocol. Visit our AllStar page for additional details and resources on AllStar.
  • Analog FM – Analog FM is the most commonly used for 2m VHF and 70cm UHF bands. Most repeaters require a specific sub audible tone (also called a PL Tone) to access the repeater. For these repeaters, you will need to set your radio to TX or encode the specific tone to use the repeater. Setting your radio to receive or decode the tone will enable it to ignore signals from other repeaters.
  • DMR – (Digital Mode Radio) DMR adds several new terms including Internet Links, Color Codes, Time Slots, Zones, Talk Groups, Code Plugs and Hot Spots. There is a bit of a learning curve mastering DMR but it opens an exciting new mode to your portable, mobile and base station communications. Visit our DMR page for additional information on DMR Technology.
  • Dual Mode (Analog / Digital) Repeaters – Dual mode repeaters are designed to handle both digital and analog FM communications. Users wishing to use the analog mode only should program their radio to use the analog PL tone to encode and decode in order to eliminate the digital sounds that will be heard from the repeater during digital communication.
  • EchoLink – EchoLink is software for your smartphone or computer that allows you to connect to EchoLink stations around the world, including Cross Roads Ham Radio Club. See our EchoLink page for additional information on EchoLink.
  • Fusion (YSF, Yaesu System Fusion, C4FM) – Fusion is a digital mode exclusive to Yaesu radios. Fusion uses a “rooms” concept for different communications groups. Refer to your radio documentation for instructions on connecting to and using Yaesu System Fusion.

    Our YSF Reflector name is US-CRHRC-TX (#62426)

    YSF Reflector List (use your browser’s “find” feature to search for reflectors)
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    Active Wires-X Rooms
    Fusion Connect System (FCS) Reflector Network Rooms