Yaesu System Fusion (YSF or Fusion for short) is a digital mode of communications that is exclusive to select models of Yaesu portable, mobile, and base station amateur radios.

Fusion can automaticaly switch between digital and analog FM modes depending on the received incoming signal. Some users prefer the simplicity of Fusion due to its ease of configuration. Simply enter your FCC call sign into the radio, program a fusion capable repeater and you are ready for a brand new digital expirience.

CRHRC operates a Yeasu System Fusion repeater located in Edna, Jackson County, TX on the UHF Frequency of 442.925 MHz with a positive offset of 5 MHz. The repeater functions as a dual mode, analog FM repeater using the PL Tone of 103.5 Hz.

CRHRC has created a YSF relector named US-CRHRC-TX
This is the default set on the repeater. You may also access the reflector using YSF #62426. Selecting this reflector on any YSF repeater or MMDVM Hotspot will connect you to the CRHRC Fusion repeater.

Other Fusion Reflectors

The following is a list of Fusion reflectors / networks that you may want to begin with:

US-CRHRC-TX #62426 (Cross Roads Ham Radio Club)
US-TEXAS-SADRC #40324 (San Antonio Digital Radio Club)
US-TEXAS-PATRIOT #60755 (Texas Patriots)
TeXas-IH35 #75749 (Texas I-35 Repeater Network)

YSF Reflector List (use your browser’s “find” feature to search for reflectors)

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