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Membership into Cross Roads Ham Radio Club shall be extended to any person interested in Amateur Radio upon an agreement to abide by the FCC rules for Amateur Radio use, the CRHRC By-Laws, and the CRHRC Repeater Use Guidelines.

Membership shall be composed of two categories: Full and Associate.

  • Full Members must hold a valid Amateur Radio license. They shall have all rights and privileges in CRHRC.
  • Associate Members are required to have an interest in Amateur Radio. Associate members may not vote or hold a club office.

Submitting Donations:

While Dues help to offset normal expenses of maintaining the organization, the officers and directors of CRHRC do not want a financial hardship to interfere with anyone’s ability to learn about and participate in Amateur Radio club activities.

Therefore, CRHRC dues are voluntary.

If you are able to support the club, donations of any dollar amount may be submitted by using the “Donate” button below.

Membership List

Member Communications

CRHRC uses an email distribution list to share news and information with our members. If you selected this option on your membership application you have been added to our email list.

Help for common questions about our Member Communications email is listed below.