CRHRC Amateur Radio Net – Thursday @ 8:00 PM

An amateur radio net or simply ham net, is an “on the air” gathering of amateur radio operators. Most nets convene on a regular schedule and specific repeater or frequency, and are organized for a particular purpose, such as relaying messages, discussing a common topic of interest, in severe weather, emergencies, or simply as a regular gathering of friends for conversation. Regularly scheduled nets are an opportunity for amateur radio operators to practice radio skills and test equipment for optimum performance.

Net Control Operator – Can you help?

The person that runs the Net is called the Net Control Operator. KB9VBR has made a video on How to be a Net Control Operator. Check it out and let us know if you can help out. We’d love to add you to our rotation!

Here is a sample of the CRHRC Net Script we commonly use.

NetLogger Operator – Can you help?

We are currently experimenting with using Netlogger to track check-ins. You can download and learn more about using Netlogger at Our friends from VARC recorded and posted a training video on how to use NetLogger. (Thanks for the share VARC!) We can always use more NetLogger Ops as well. We have created the following document on setting up NetLogger for use with CRHRC. Let us know if you can help out. We’d love to add you to the rotation.

Net Control and NetLogger Operator Schedule:

DateNet Control OperatorNetLogger Operator
Nov 3rdScott Brown – KC5RXWMike Pivarnik – W7QAG
Nov 10thMike Pivarnik – W7QAGBrian Williams – N5TZV
Nov 17thChris Faas – W5CUYThomas Learn – KI5OMW
Nov 24thBrian Williams – N5TZVJosh Bumgarden – KI5SIJ
Dec 1stBrian Williams – N5TZVPhil Rossi – KI5QKL
Dec 8thBill Rakowitz – W5ITZBill Rakowitz – W5ITZ
Dec 15thThomas Learn – KI5OMWMike Pivanik – W7QAG
Dec 22ndScott Brown – KC5RXWBill Rakowitz – W5ITZ
Dec 29thChris Faas – W5CUYPhil Rossi – KI5QKL
Jan 5thJosh Bumgarden – KI5SIJChris Faas – W5CUY
Jan 12thRick Gangluff – WB8FVBJosh Bumgarden – KI5SIJ
Jan 19thThomas Learn – KI5OMWBrian Williams – N5TZV
Jan 26thMike Pivarnik – W7QAGDarrin Koym – KI5HVF
Feb 2ndBrian Williams – N5TZVThomas Learn – KI5OMW
Feb 9thBill Rakowitz – W5ITZBill Kirkpatrick – K5TTF
View our NetLogger set-up and tutorial Guide on YouTube.

Below is a collection of area amateur radio nets we are aware of. All of these nets are open to any and all licensed amateur radio operators for “check-in”. If you are aware of updates to this list, please contact

WeekdayTimeAreaClub / GroupFrequency
Mondays7:00 PMWharton County146.720 (-)
Mondays8:00 PMVictoria CountyVictoria Amateur Radio Club and
Coleto Creek Amateur Radio Club
145.190 (-)
145.130 (-) back-up
Tuesdays7:00 PMMatagorda CountyMatagorda County
Amateur Radio Club
146.720 (-)
Wednesdays7:30 PMStatewideDMR TexasDMR TG 3148

8:00 PM

Jackson County
Jackson County

(SW Houston)
(Port Arthur)
Port O’Connor)
(Sweet Home)
Cross Roads Ham Radio Club
Cross Roads Ham Radio Club
Cross Roads Ham Radio Club
(CRHRC Member owned)
(CRHRC Member owned)
(CRHRC Member owned)
Cross Roads Ham Radio Club
(CRHRC Member owned)
Cross Roads Ham Radio Club
145.330 (-)
444.500 (+) back-up
147.290 (+) back-up
147.240 (+)
443.375 (+)
444.925 (+)
444.650 (+)
442.050 (+)
145.340 (-)
Node # 28528
Fridays9:00 PM – 11:00 PMN5OAK Friday Night Trivia Net
444.500 (+)
443.375 (+)
444.925 (+)