DMR Code Plugs

DMR Code Plug Programming

DMR adds several new terms including Internet Links, Color Codes, Time Slots, Zones, Talk Groups, Code Plugs and Hot Spots. There is a bit of a learning curve mastering DMR but it opens an exciting new mode to your portable, mobile and base station communications.

Code Plugs are actually files that contain the programming information for your DMR radio. Code Plugs contain the programming information for both ANALOG and DIGITAL channels.

In order to help you get started and on the air with DMR, CRHRC has created simple Code Plug examples for three of the most commonly used DMR radios:

  • TYT MD-9600
  • Anytone AT-D578UV series
  • Radioddity GD-77 ( with OpenGD77 firmware only!)

These code plugs contain programming for all three CRHRC repeaters (digital and analog) and the national VHF and UHF simplex channels. We are providing these sample code plugs as an example and and starting point to help you get started with learning how to modify, enhance or create your own custom code plug.

Before you proceed, you will need to apply for and receive your own unique DMR ID. Apply for your DMR ID here.

Once you have your DMR ID, you are ready to program your DMR radio. We recommend the following steps:

  • Install the CPS (Code Plug Software) provided by your radio manufacturer on your computer.
  • Connect your radio to the computer with the correct USB Cable, read current code plug and save this code plug in a safe place. EVEN IF THE RADIO IS FACTORY NEW, MAKE A BACKUP OF THE CURRENT CODE PLUG BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY CHANGES.

  • Open the downloaded CRHRC Code Plug in your CPS program.
  • You must ENTER or EDIT your unique FCC issued Call Sign and your unique issued DMR ID into the CRHRC Code Plug.
    • Where do I enter these things?
      We encourage you to explore the menus and find the correct places to enter your call sign and your DMR ID. You will learn much about other radio options while you explore these menus. Don’t worry if you can not find it. Give us a shout and we will direct you to the correct menu to enter these items.
    • What if I change something I should not have?
      Remember that back up you made above?
  • Save the changes to the CRHRC Code Plug onto your computer.
  • Write / Upload the updated Code Plug to your radio.
  • Test your new programming!
    We recommend using DMR channels with TG 2 or TG 50 to test. These stay within the CRHRC network and are not broadcast out over the Statewide channels.