Jackson County Sheriff’s Department provides public access to Public Safety Communications

[March 8, 2023 – Jackson County, Texas] Police scanners were a very common and popular way for the community to stay informed with local law enforcement, fire department and EMS department activity up until these departments switched to a digital broadcast system over 10 years ago. 

While digital broadcast can be received by scanners, digital scanners are expensive, difficult to program, and more complicated to use.  Because of this, many Jackson County residents lost access to a simple and inexpensive way to monitor these broadcasts.

Jackson County Sheriff Kelly Janica reached out to members of Cross Roads Ham Radio Club for ideas on how to give residents easy access to monitor these communications.  After a few planning meetings, the Sheriff’s office authorized a workgroup, needed equipment was provided by a private donor, and the project began.

The project has been completed and residents of Jackson County once again have easy access to monitor the broadcast of these agencies using a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer with Internet connectivity.

A “feed” named “Jackson County Public Safety” has been created and is streamed to the Internet that includes radio broadcasts from Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Edna Police Department, Ganado Police Department, and Jackson County Fire and EMS departments.  Excluded from this feed are channels that are used for criminal law enforcement activities or used to transmit personal patient medical information.   

To monitor Jackson County Public Safety from a smart phone or tablet

There are several apps available to monitor Jackson County Public Safety.  Most offer free and paid options.  We suggest trying multiple apps to find the one you like best before making a purchase.

Visit the app store for your device and search for “Police Scanner”. 

Below are examples of compatible apps that can be used to monitor the feed.

“Ad supported” free versions allow you to test an app before purchasing it.  Purchasing an app usually removes the ads and provides additional features.

  • Select and install an app on your device.   You may install and test multiple apps to see which one you like best.
  • Start the app and search for “Jackson County Public Safety”. 
    • There are many Jackson County agencies in the United States.  Make sure the feed shows “Jackson County, Texas” before selecting it.
    • Some apps will allow you to search for “Jackson County, Texas”.
  • Select – Jackson County Public Safety – Jackson County, Texas” as your feed.

To monitor Jackson County Public Safety from a computer

  • Visit
  • Click on the Listen button.
  • Use the map to locate Jackson County or use the (search below the map) to enter Zip code 77957.
  • Select “Jackson County Public Safety” as your feed.